Network Services

360 Technical offers a variety of total solutions to large and small corporations on multiple platforms. From legacy, through client server, to the Internet, our solutions will help you develop and maintain the cutting edge competitiveness necessary to succeed in today's market. 360 Technical provides expert in the planning, design, and implementation, and management of networks, whether fiber-based, coax, or other platforms. 360 Technical will help you identify and develop your short and long term needs to service your demanding client base, develop an implementation plan and execute the various plan elements. We can fully investigate and document your existing conditions, including site conditions, floor plans arrangements, existing cabling systems, building pathways, underground, buried and aerial facilities, all the way to the jack on the wall. Also, many times technology related projects include the need for evaluations and or upgrades to the power system, coordination with electrical engineers, structural engineers, architects. 360 Technical is able to broker these services for our clients to ensure all aspects of their technology project are executed efficiently.

Software Services

360 Technical has provided hundreds of custom solutions to corporate clients. From desktop applications to internet & intranet based solutions, 360 Technical has the expertise and resources required to increase the efficiency of your company's operations. Partnering with our clients to create the best software application custom designed for their business remains the strength of our business. As you probably already know, it is nearly impossible to find off-the-shelf software that will provide a full solution to your business. Even when you find software that you can use, it will not always provide the information and capabilities that you need to effectively run your business. Whether you require assistance for small or large projects, our solutions provide you with the flexibility necessary to meet any business demand. Find out how we can help improve your business operation.