360 Technical provides international Turn-Key services for customers in the following markets:

Wireless Carriers
360 Technical provides services to all major carriers in support of broadband wireless design engineering and networking. 360 Technical provides Radio Frequency Engineering services, particularly in the use of 4G/3G Wireless services. In addition, 360 Technical continues to support the design and optimization of systems, particularly needed as demand for services continues to grow exponentially. 360 Technical continues to provide solutions for providers throughout the U.S as well as internationally.

City / State / Federal Government
Government entities, at all levels, are active in the provisioning of wireless services in support of the provision of wireless broadband services. 360 Technical efforts include the deployment and servicing of E-911 solutions to service providers, as well as increased expansion of wireless solutions with localities throughout the U.S.

Educational Institutions
360 Technical supports efforts of educational and non-profit entities to continue the expansion of broadband wireless and data through the engineering of services such as wireless network solutions and Voice-Over IP . The Federal Government established in 1999 approximately $2B in funds for school and non-profit government entities. As various school and educational providers continue the expansion of their networks, 360 Technical continues to engineer these services, as well as educate and consult on the proposals necessary to seek the use of such funds.

Access Service Providers
Access Service Providers continue to seek greater access to customers through the broadband.  Whether through wireless services or wireline solutions,  access providers are eager to provide advanced services.  As data rates grow in volume, 360 Technical continues to work with broadband entities in the use of wireless solutions to reach customers.  In some cases, these solutions include expanding the reach of existing wireless / wireline services.  On other cases, 360 Technical staff has worked on the creation of an end to end broadband network for its clients.