Because Your Time Is Valuable...

360 Technical provides turn-key engineering services in wireless telecommunications and a full suite if information technology services such as network and software design to medium and large-sized enterprises.    The company is capable of providing not only quality services which are delivered on time and on budget, but also providing these services at a reasonable price.

360 Technical was founded in early 1999. The company operates with a modest sales team, and has grown and prospered primarily due to its ability to consistently attain excellence.  Many projects are won based on a reputation for providing impeccable service and best-in-class engineers and technicians.  Interlink boasts the ability to offer extraordinary flexibility and to forge close working partnerships with customers. This can be largely attributed to a lean corporate structure and exceptionally qualified management team.  

Interlink Engineering boasts experienced, professional team members that are recognized experts in the wireless and information technology industries.  Over 2/3 of the staff  hold advanced degrees or professional certifications.

Often, we provide additional services outside of the original Scope of Work to ensure that we have provided a quality solution, and that our customers and clients know and understand what we have done and why.   Because of the expertise of the engineering and management teams, Interlink provides engineering solutions on time, on budget, and at a lower cost than competitors.